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Intro stuff:

  • How to install and configure FirstClass to log in

    Address Book stuff:

  • Clarification on FirstClass Contacts vs. Personal Mail Lists

  • How to transfer contacts/mailing lists from Apple Address Book to FirstClass

  • How to Share Contacts in FirstClass

  • How to Export Personal Mailing Lists from FirstClass

    Errors and problems:

  • Out of nowhere, when User A tries to email User B (both regular FirstClass users), User A gets an NDN from the Post Office that says: "Sorry. Your message could not be delivered to: [User B] (You do not have send access)". What the hell?
    It's not clear how or why this happens, but at least it's easy to fix. Somehow, User B ended up with a permissions snafu that made it so User A cannot email them. Right-click or control-click on User B's mailbox and select "Permissions" and see if User A appears with a "Disallowed" permission. E.g.

    Delete the users' names altogether and close the window. Things should be okay after that.


  • Collaborative Blogs in FirstClass

  • How to set up new mail notification for FirstClass

  • How to un-mark Junk messages

  • Forwarding Email from FirstClass

  • Automatic Expiration of Sent Messages

  • How do I empty my Trash?
    You can't. FirstClass empties the trash automatically every night at 3am. You cannot trigger it earlier than that.

  • From within FirstClass, I sent email to and they never received it, what gives?
    When you're in FirstClass and you want to send email to anyone else who's on this FirstClass server, your FirstClass server may be configured such that you must send it to them as "Firstname Lastname", not as "". Under this configuration option, those fully-spelled-out email addresses are only for use by people outside of FirstClass; if you try to use them within FirstClass, the emails will not go through. This is a deliberate security measure (prevents email "spoofing").

  • I hate the way my sent messages appear in the same window as my received messages, how do I fix this?

    Go to Preferences.
    Click the General tab.
    Next to New mail form, choose Outlook.
    Next to Mailbox style, choose Separate Inbox/Outbox.
    Log out and log back in.

    Your Mailbox will still contain everything - received messages and sent messages. But when you look at your left-side menu, you'll see a separate Inbox and Sent items, meaning you can view them separately.

  • "How can you get your responses to just come in on a timeline instead of the response like this one, going to the first email that was sent?? It's like 10 down in my list..??"
    This seems to be the solution:
  • - go to the View menu
  • - select "Change View Properties"
  • - select the "Lists" tab
  • - in the "Grouping" section, where it says "Group on:", select "None"
  • - hit Apply, then OK

    Then it shouldn't group the messages by subject.

  • More help?

    Using the firstclass client, connect to and fill in what you expect to be a unique userid, and anything you want for a password. Click connect, then fill in the registration fields. Then navigate to Conferences -> Peer to Peer Support -> FC Admins. Use Filter and/or Search to find posts relevant to your issue. Then please post the solution on a webpage where Google can find it!

    Admin stuff:

    How to make an email-enabled conference

    How to set up a forward-only email address

    batch add script scripter. Explanation in comments.

    Here's a random collection of info, here more for Google's benefit than for direct reading: tips

    More coming soon.